Privacy Policy

Canadian Pharmacy is takes full responsibility of providing its clients with online privacy, and this principle guides how, where, and when we collect and manage your personal data on our website. Our website adheres to rigid security and privacy policy concerning e-commerce as well as personal information. This policy describes the way Canadian Pharmacy collects and uses confidential information. Our privacy policy can be applied only to information provided to Canadian Pharmacy and does not concern any other data about you that Canadian Pharmacy manages to obtain. In case any questions or concerns about this statement or methods used to collect your information appear, you are welcome to contact our support group by e-mail:

If this Privacy Policy is subjected to any changes, they will be presented on this page so that you could be informed about changes in the way we collect and use your personal data. If you want to be aware of any new statements in this and other policies as soon as they appear, you can provide us with your current e-mail address, so that we could notify you about any changes. You will have an opportunity to agree or disagree to any new rules of managing your personal information if this data was provided to us before any changes were made in this policy. In case of your disagreement, you confidential information will be managed by policy rules that were valid at the time your information was collected.privacy policy

Privacy Guarantee

Canadian Pharmacy website belongs and is regulated by Canadian Pharmacy. We are the only owners of our customers’ personal data. This information is used by us to contact or identify you. Your personally identifiable information can be considered your name, home address, telephone number and e-mail address. We do not share, sell, rent or disclose any of your personal information to non-affiliated third parties, except for cases stated in this Policy. We may disclose your personal data only to companies that provide services on our behalf or (in case of you consent) to companies which offer you related to ours services or products that may be useful or interesting to you. Any third parties to which we disclose your information are aware that this information was provided to us under this Policy regulation. In case of your refusal from sharing this information for further contact, we will delete you from our distribution list. Only with your prior consent or if you use services provided by our partners, we may share certain personal data with our partners. We also provide non-personally identifiable data to our partners such as fulfilment house or other facilities that help us perform services. This Policy also provides more information about Use Of Information by Third Parties.

Who may Use this Website

This website is not intended or used by customers under the age of 13. We do not ask users under the age of 13 to provide us personal information and instruct such users not to send us any information.

Your information can be linked by using various means, including data obtained automatically and via cookies and Registered User information, with information we get in our pharmacies and from Registered Users. Our main aim is to offer you content, advertisements, products and services that are to be of most interest to you.

Use of Information

Any personal data that you provide us with is used to maximally respond to your requests. For example, provide you with your order details, to send you e-mails with offers and other information or for newsletters. Periodically Canadian Pharmacy asks its users to provide information via various surveys on our website to improve our service and products assortment. These surveys are for voluntary participation and information we get as part of these surveys is used in strict compliance with this policy rules. In case when Canadian Pharmacy or some of our units are sold or transferred to our business partners, information obtained on this website may be shared with third parties as part of such transaction. Your personal information can also be shared or disclosed with any of our affiliated units or to our business partners or fulfilment houses.


Canadian Pharmacy website may contain links to other websites not connected or regulated by Canadian Pharmacy. These links are provided for customers’ convenience and do not constitute affiliation with, endorsement or sponsorship of any third parties that run those websites. Canadian Pharmacy holds no responsibility for availability or reliability of these third party websites content. Any personal information you may share with those third parties doesn’t fall under this privacy policy terms and regulations and Canadian Pharmacy also holds no responsible for the way your information is managed by those third parties. We strongly advise you to get acquainted with privacy policy of any third party you provide personally identifiable information.

Your Information Security

We use state-of-the-art security measures to prevent loss, misuse and alteration of information provided to us by our customers. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology for those fields of our website where you need to disclose your personally identifiable information to us. SSL technology ensures safe personal information transmission because all information is disguised in encryption code. Encryption consists of systematically scrambling numbers and letters so that if someone stills your information while it is being transferred they would not understand anything of it and wouldn’t be able to use it for any purpose. Although process of information transition across the Internet in considerably slowed down by encrypting, it provides the best protection of your data.

You can define secured website by checking Universal Resource Locator (URL) in browser’s address bar – it has «https://» before the rest of Web address. The «s» in the end means that the page is hosted from a secured server. Our order processing pages and various special promotions are hosted from secured servers.

Unsecured pages can be defined by URLs that begins with «http://» (without «s»). Most of pages containing health information on our website are hosted from servers without SSL. Since these pages do not require any personal information, regular servers provide faster browsing experience.

You may sometimes notice standard warning message that many browsers display when you move from «secured» page to «unsecured» one. When you such warning appears on our website, as a rule, it means that you are moving from «https://» to «http://» page. If any other messages or warnings about security of the website suddenly appear, please inform us via e-mail or on «Contact Us» page. Send us text of the message you noticed and where on our website you saw this message. Giving us these details will significantly facilitate finding out a reason for such message: whether it is some technical problem or a standard warning such as described above.

If you use our website, you bare the whole responsible for confidentiality of your access information and password and for limiting access to your computer. You also accept full responsibility for all actions made under your password.

Cookie Files

Like many other websites, we register information about our website traffic and usage information via cookies and Webserver logs. Cookies are small computer text files transferred to your hard drive. These small files enable us to personalize content on our pages and offer programs like e-coupons. Your browser software can be reject or accept cookies – browser setting instructions are available in most browsers in «Help» section.

Cookies also allows us to gather and retain certain data about our website users, such as Web browser type applied by customers. This information is not referred to personal data about individual or customer account, but we obtain it from particular computers while users runs through our website.

Webserver logs and customers’ use of our website help to gather statistics about quantity of people, using our website, and purposes of this usage. Information about Webserver logs, cookie utilization data and purchase history information is available only to authorized Canadian Pharmacy personnel. These specialists strictly adhere to confidentiality and security policies and procedures.

Spyware Programs

Spyware is technology for collecting data downloaded to consumer’s personal computer which is intended for obtaining information about that customer without informing them about it. It can get in your personal computer as virus or after installing a new program. It is intended for collecting all possible information about any activities you perform in the internet, register keyboard strokes or obtain personal data to transfer it to other parties.

Canadian Pharmacy does not use any such software or spyware or gather personal data about you and your browsing history. Any personally identifiable information about our users is obtained with their prior consent and all possible ways to use this data are explained to customer at the time the data is provided. We take full responsibility for providing security of your personal data and do our best to manage safe and secure website usage for you.

Your Personal Consent

Canadian Pharmacy teams hopes to receive your agreement to send you information about promotional offers on your e-mail. You can send us a demand to remove your e-mail from our list for promotional offers any time toy want by sending a request to our support group via e-mail.

You can also ask for removing or updating your personal data by sending e-mail or via special form on «Contact Us» page. You can also demand from us not to disclose any of your personal information. Your request will be responded during 30 days. If you possess any context details in which you provided personal data it would help to speed up the procedure.

Contact Information

In case any questions about this policy statements and other related subjects arise, please visit our «Contact Us» page to get in touch with our assistants.