Frequently Asked Questions

Our team wants to make your shopping in our pharmacy as easy and comfortable as possible. This section contains all most frequently asked questions about our products and services. If you haven’t found bothering you here you are welcome to ask our support group via shipping methods are used in you pharmacy?
We offer 2 different delivery methods: Regular Airmail and Express Courier (EMS). The latter is now available for only US residents.

Regular Airmail is cheaper. But orders delivered via Regular Airmail come in longer period of time.

Express Courier delivery is faster and allows tracking your parcel in real time on USPS website. Regular Airmail also gives tracking details in most cases, but this information becomes available only after the parcel is delivered to the customer. For more details about delivery visit our «Shipping Policy» page.

What shipping rates do you offer?
You can find all our shipping rates and other details after selecting necessary product.

Do you run delivery internationally?
Yes, we organize delivery of our products all over the world.

What is delivery insurance?
We can offer free delivery insurance if your order amount is $200.00 and higher. This means that if any problems occur with your order, we will re-send it to you free of charge and you will not have to pay any additional fees or any other charges.

In case your order amount is lower than $200, we offer delivery insurance for only $4.95.

How do you pack products?
We understand your desire for privacy and put all items in non-transparent packaging, so that all the contents won’t be seen to anybody else.

What country do you ship from?
Medications sold in our pharmacy are produced by several licensed facilities situated in USA and India – the greatest manufacturer of high-quality generics and brand-name drugs. Production process is controlled by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other relevant authorities.

What is your refund policy?
If it happens that your parcels is not delivered to you or items in the parcel are not what you ordered, contact our support group and we will re-send your order or return you your payment. For more details visit our «Refund Policy» page.

What payment options do you offer?
We can offer the following variants of payment:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • American Express;
  • eChecks.

How to make an order?
Find necessary product by means of:

  • search field;
  • popular products list;
  • categories;
  • all products list;
  • alphabetical product list.

Choose necessary quantity and dosage, click «Add to cart» button. After clicking «Checkout» button you will be transferred to our server where you can securely fill in shipping and billing details and complete your order. For more details about ordering visit our «How to Order» page.

What to do after submitting order?
If payment was accepted and your order was successfully finished, immediately our support group will send you confirmation letter and another letter right after your order is dispatched.

How to check order status?
After your order is complete and your payment is accepted you will get a letter containing tracking details for your order. This letter provides information about your order and link via which you can track your order status.

What benefits do regular customers get?
If you have already ordered products in our pharmacy, you are considered our regular customer and we offer discount system and special offers for your following orders.

What is your security and privacy policy?
We take full responsibility for protecting your privacy on the highest possible level of security. All your personal data (credit card number, name, address) is specially encrypted, so that no one can read it while we transmit it from your computer to our server. We guarantee end-to-end data protection by using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. For more details visit our «Privacy Policy» page.

Do your customers can get consultations before making order?
It is known that not all health disorders require mandatory physical examination, but online consultation will never completely replace traditional visit to doctor. We strongly advise to undertake examination by your doctor and ask him whatever questions you have, before buying any medication.

However, you can always get a professional consultation from our support group, you can freely ask any questions about our products and services by e-mail on our «Contact Us» page. Our assistant are happy to help you with you questions and difficulties or provide professional information about products we offer in our catalogue.

What medications do you offer?
Our products list has a wide range of different items from those used for serious conditions to medications such as Viagra, anti-smoking and weight loss means and various biologically active additives. In our catalogue you can find both brand-name and generic products.

As a licensed online pharmacy we do not sell highly abused preparations. All medications in our products list are provided by legitimate pharmaceutical manufacturers, so you can be sure about receiving the same quality medication as you get at a regular pharmacy.

What are generic drugs and why is their price lower?
According to latest FDA data generic drugs consist for about 45 – 50% of all prescription drug sold in the United States.
Generic drugs are equivalents of brand drugs, although they are not produced and released under original trade name and their appearance is slightly different. If consider other generics qualities – they are the same products with the same active ingredients, having the same application, safety, effectiveness and other characteristics.

Although they have one important difference – their price. Generic drugs are considerably cheaper than their brand-name counterparts. This factor can be easily explained by the fact that generic drugs do nor require some of advertising and production expenses. Manufacturers of generics do not need to spend huge amounts of money on researches and development, clinical tests and advertising campaigns. It was already done by original drug manufacturer and these expenses were of course reflected on brand-name drug price. Therefore buying generic drugs you can save 30 – 50% and sometimes even up to 80% from the price of branded drug.

As a rule, generics appear as soon as patent protection of the branded drug expires. Also, there are some drugs that never got patent protection and some countries just not provide patent protection.

Does quality of generic drugs differ?
Generic drugs are the same in safety and effectiveness as branded drugs which is confirmed by the fact that all of them go pass FDA review and approval procedure. In addition to thorough examination of drug’s constituents and effectiveness, FDA agency also from time to time conducts inspections of manufacturing factories to make sure that no changes in approved drug’s quality have appeared. Often companies that produce branded drug themselves start generics production.

Remember that generics and brand-name drugs still differ a little from one another. They can also differ in inactive ingredients such as color and flavor and by copyright and trademark regulations which forbid production of exact copies of existing brand-name products. Still these slight differences found no reflection on medical effect of generic drugs. You can be completely sure that generic drugs are safe, effective, and fully approved by FDA.

How to order several packages of the same product?
Unfortunately, we do not provide such opportunity for ordering several packages of one product at one time. If you want to order several packages of one product, you can make several orders of this product. We also take all efforts to provide our customers with the widest choice of dosages and packages of the product