Women’s Health Prescription Drugs to Double by 2008


The worldwide market for prescription drugs for women’s health is projected to almost double through the year 2007, according to new data released by Kalo-rama Information in New York City. Manufacturers’ revenues for the year 2002 approached $36 billion and are expected to be almost $64 billion by the year 2008.

The report reveals that the market has been growing at nearly 17% over the past five years, and it is predicted that growth will continue to be in the double digits for the foreseeable future. Growth will be supported by the aging of women around the world, particularly in the U.S., and an increase in product demand, spurred by a still growing women’s health-awareness movement, should expand the total market significantly.
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The study covers the products and markets for prescription drugs in all sectors of women’s health, such as autoimmune diseases, cancer, gynecological infections and sexually transmitted diseases, hormone-related indications (including menopause, contraception, and sexual dysfunction), osteoporosis, and urinary bladder disorders. The comprehensive report provides market size and growth projections, competitive market share, and epidemiological and clinical trends for a wide range of conditions, from breast cancer to yeast infections.