What You Should Know About Botox Injection To Stop Your Sweating Problems

Botox InjectionWhat you should know about Botox injection to stop your sweating problems

If you are pondering about getting Botox injection to stop your sweating problems, be sure that you know some basic stuff about it. Well, it is common to hear people using Botox to erase wrinkle, frown lines, forehead furrows etc. but recently become popular as a medical treatment to stop sweating as well.

Botox treatment normally cost around $1000 to $1500 on average depending on your location. Botox treatment is covered by most insurance companies in the US but might not be the case if you’re living in Canada. Anyway, you can always call your insurance agent to confirm that. buy brand cialis

It will usually takes approximately 4 to 5 days for the Botox injection to fully in effect as it goes around to paralyse the sweat glands. Essentially, Botox injection block the nerve to stop the sweat glands from sweating. On average, Botox injection will last for about 6 to 9 months depending on the individual physiology and severity of the patient sweating problems after which you will have to get another injection.

Literally speaking Botox injection is not very painful. It’s like a pinch here and there. While your sweating problems could be on your forehead, your underarm, palms of the hand or sole of the feet, the general process of a Botox injection treatment will look like this:

Botox injection process:

Excessive water, dirt etc. will be wiped off from the affected area. Doctors will then apply alcohol or a topical agent to numb the area. Normally they will hilight the sweat glands of your sweating problems area with blue dots using a surgical marker and make about 20 to 30 tiny injections to the affected area. Some doctors might prefer to use starch-iodine test to identify the most active sweat glands prior to injection. The whole process might takes about 15 to 20 minutes on average. zelnorm canadian pharmacy

Generally speaking, Botox injection has been reported to be 80 to 90% effective for most patient but the most common downsides known are the cost and side effect it might have depending on individual. Botox is essentially a temporary solution and will required follow up treatment when the medicine fade away after about 6 months.

Hence, if you’re still undecided for a Botox injection, go for natural approach to stop your sweating problems first which is safe and with no side effects.