Valganciclovir Prevents Infections After Kidney Transplantation

Research from the Division of Transplantation at the University of Miami School of Medicine has found that at least three months of therapy with a single daily dose of the antiviral medication valganciclovir HCl tablets (Valcyte™, Roche) effectively prevents cyto-megalovirus (CMV), a common infection in kidney transplant patients taking highly potent immunosuppressive therapy. Results were presented at the fifth annual American Transplant Congress, held in Boston from May 15-19, 2004.

CMV, which is present in a latent form in as many as 80% of Americans, can activate and trigger gastrointestinal conditions and opportunistic infections in transplant patients with suppressed immune systems. It is also associated with rejection of transplanted organs as well as atherosclerosis in heart transplant patients. canadian discount drugs

Valcyte™ is an oral prodrug, or improved formulation, of ganciclovir (Cytovene®, Roche), which has been used to prevent CMV for the past 15 years. In this study, both agents were equally effective in preventing CMV in transplant patients.

Patients can take Valcyte™ in a simplified, once-daily regimen. Cytovene is taken in a larger dose three times daily.