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MS Linked to Lack of Sunlight-Generated Vitamin D

Vitamin D

Two recent studies have linked a lack of exposure to vitamin D, which is created naturally by sunshine or artificial ultra­violet (UV) light, to the development of multiple sclerosis (MS), an often debili­tating disease that affects 250,000 to 350,000 Americans.

The body makes vitamin D through exposure to sunlight’s UV-B ultraviolet rays. The exact causes of MS remain un­known, but MS becomes more prevalent in people living farther away from the Equator. It is thought that a minimum level of UV exposure throughout the year might be important in conferring protec­tion by influencing the immune system response, possibly through changes in the production of vitamin D and melanin, the substance involved in acquiring a tan.
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A major hindrance to generating suffi­cient vitamin D is living at high latitudes, where exposure to natural sunlight may be insufficient. Some research, including these two new studies, has shown a cor­relation between high latitudes and increases in diseases linked to vitamin D deficiency.

In the National Institutes of Health study of more than 185,000 women, MS was 40% less likely to develop in women who maintained recommended levels of vitamin D than in women who were oth­erwise deficient in vitamin D.