Sleep Disorders after Drinking Alcohol

Use of alcoholic beverages for many people in our time is a malicious habit. This is not a serious and hardly curable alcoholism, but even daily consumption of beer can adversely affect health and cause sleep disorders. Most men do not want to recognize the fact that they are dependent on this drink or other types of alcohol. They justify this by the fact that this is a way to relieve stress after a day. Beer, vodka, cognac and others supposedly relax and improve sleep. But this opinion is very erroneous. At first, a small dose of alcohol, drunk before bed, can help to fall asleep. Later on, this very «sleeping pill» will cause restless night sleep. At regular consumption of alcohol, alcoholic insomnia develops in a person.

Causes of Sleep Disorders

According to Canadian Pharmacy data, insomnia after alcohol is observed in men and women quite often. This is due to the fact that contained in alcohol substances, poison the body and its intoxication occurs. Such processes lead to disorders in functioning of central nervous system, which is typical not only of people who regularly drink, but also of those who only occasionally drinks alcohol.alcohol-induced insomniaExcessive drinking adversely affects brain, interferes with normal nutrition of neurons, leads to oxygen starvation and as a consequence – provokes necrosis of nerve cells, that is their death. People who consume vodka, beer and various low-alcohol drinks, mainly lead unhealthy lifestyle and poor nutrition. Their body does not get necessary vitamins, immunity decreases. There appear problems with digestion, kidneys, stomach and liver. In addition, constant poisoning with ethyl alcohol causes disruptions in natural rhythm of biological clock and people begin to confuse day with night. When they are supposed to go to bed, they have a desire to stay awake and only in the morning they manage to fall asleep. Such violations do not pass without a trace and alcohol-induced insomnia can become chronic.

Symptoms of Ailment

Insomnia after alcohol in most cases is accompanied by such symptoms:

  • no sense of rest;
  • short, deep and interrupted sleep;
  • appearance of nightmares and visions;
  • occurrence of feeling of anxiety during awakening.

Treatment of Sleep Disorders

Most of those who have alcohol dependence and suffer from insomnia do not want to see connection between these two phenomena. People go to therapist for help, asking them to prescribe hypnotic drugs. Appearance of problems with sleep they attribute to nervous overstrain, frequent stress, quarrels in the family and failures at work. But experienced specialists can always find out the real causes of the disorder and in such situations necessarily prescribe to such patients examination from narcologist. After all, combination of sleeping pills and alcohol is unacceptable and can have a global impact on the state of human health.

How to treat the disease? Canadian Pharmacy gives a simple answer – the cause of insomnia lies in alcohol, and therefore, eliminating negative impact factor, you can solve problems with sleep disorders. If a bad habit is not a strong addiction, patient can cope with it by refusing alcohol. If narcologist diagnoses «alcoholism», then qualified medical care will be required. In any case, with alcoholic insomnia, you need to see a doctor and undergo examination.