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Thanks to ongoing research and a growing demand for antibiotic alternatives, we now have reliable choices to combat viruses and bacterial infections.

It appears a primary antibiotic alternative is colloidal silver. In the wide range of choices of colloidal silver products, one leads; The New Silver Solution.

Do All Colloidal Silver Products Work The Same?

The New Silver Solution holds multiple patents and is the only colloidal silver product of it’s kind that has been issued a patent in the past eighty years. The New Silver Solution has a sister product (a more concentrated version) that has been approved by the EPA as a hospital disinfectant. It is the only colloidal silver that has EPA approval Additionally, The New Silver Solution is the only one of all colloidal silver products that has received homeopathic drug approval from some African countries.

Independent Testing

Many independent studies have been performed on The New Silver Solution, following are two examples of studies performed on The New Silver Solution.

Dr. Ron Leavitt PhD from Brigham Young University concluded that a person would have to drink more than 30 quarts of the New Silver Solution each day before any negative side effects would be experienced. The Average daily dose is 1 – 2 teaspoons per day.

NAMSA, an international testing laboratory, performed an independent test on lab rats that compared a 200 lb. human consuming four 8oz. bottles of The New Silver Solution at one time. This is between 100 and 200 times the regular dose. The test concluded there was no evidence of toxicity in the rats.

Are There Known Side Effects of Antibiotic Alternatives?

The New Silver Solution has been marketed for years, and taken by thousands of people with well over a million bottles sold, there are no documented reports of negative side effects resulting from taking The New Silver Solution.

Keep in mind, there are other colloidal silver products that haven’t been tested independently. The products are often produced by a direct current process, similar to electroplating, as opposed to the nano particle engineering of The New Silver Solution. This method is more complex and thus more expensive to produce, however the result is a more effective and safe product with no known side effects.

Now let’s compare some of the common side effects of conventional canadian antibiotics.

Diarrhea, mild to severe Rashes Anaphylactic Shock Yeast Infections Negative Drug Interactions Decreased Effectiveness of Birth Control Pills Misuse resulting in antibiotic effectiveness

What Are Common Colloidal Silver Uses?

While clinically proven to kill over 650 known bacteria and viruses, some of the more common forms that are beneficial as an antibiotic alternatives are:

Abdominal Pain & Diarrhea Bronchitis Cold Sores Ear Aches & Infections Flue (including Swine, Avian and Asian) Food poisoning Sinus Infection Sore Throat Tooth Decay Vaginal Yeast Infection

The New Silver Solution Gel is proven very effective in healing or curing:

Burns (from radiation to sunburn) Cuts and Wounds Insect Bits

Healthy Bacteria Remains Active

An added benefit of using Silver Solutions is it doesn’t kill the helpful bacterial in our intestines.

Conventional antibiotics are known to wipe out the good helpful bacteria in our large intestines. Healthy bacteria produce B vitamins and folic acid. They also compete with bad bacteria and yeast to eliminate infection. When antibiotics wipe out good bacteria, the immune system is weakened and therefore vulnerable to super infections, like MRSA.

The Best Choice For You – Alternatives for Antibiotics

If you are among those searching for natural alternatives for generic antibiotics, then a colloidal silver product may be a viable choice for you. The New Silver Solution is safe, non-toxic, and has been proven to kill hundreds of strains of bacteria and viruses with no known side effects.