Nasal Influenza Vaccine (FluMist) Approved For Younger Children

FluMistThe nasal influenza vaccine FluMist (MedImmune) is now approved to include children between two and five years of age. Approval had previously been limited to healthy children five years of age and older and to adults up to age 49. The vaccine contains a weakened form of the live virus and is sprayed into the nose.

The CDC recommends that all children six months to 59 months of age receive a vaccination to protect against influenza. Until now, only two vaccines had been licensed in the U.S. for children younger than age five years: Flu-zone (Sanofi-Pasteur) (for children older than six years of age) and Fluvirin (Novartis) (for children four years of age and older).

FluMist should not be administered to people with asthma or to children under five years of age with recurrent wheezing because of the potential for increased wheezing after the vaccine is administered.

Anyone who is allergic to FluMist’s components, including eggs or egg products, should not receive the vaccine.

Source: FDA, September 19, 2007.)