Mifepristone (Corlux) For Cushing’s Syndrome

Cushing's Syndrome

Mifepristone (Corlux, Corcept Therapeutics) has received an orphan drug designation from the FDA for the treatment of Cushing’s syndrome. This disorder is caused by prolonged exposure of the body’s tissues to high levels of the hormone cortisol.

Mifepristone (RU-486) is also used as an abortifacient in the first two months of pregnancy and in smaller doses as an emergency contraceptive.

Corcept is expected to file an investi-gational NDA shortly. canadian pharmacy online

Corlux has been somewhat effective in ameliorating psychosis and depression in patients with Cushing’s disease. The drug worked quickly, bringing about im­provement within seven days after treatment began, and produced minimal side effects.