Mequinol (Solage) Label Includes “Age Spots” In Darker Skin

Darker Skin

Barrier Therapeutics has announced the FDA’s approval of the company’s application to add clinical data to the prescribing information for mequinol 2%, tretinoin 0.01% topical solution (Solage). The revised labeling states that Solage is safe and effective for darker skin types.

The new prescribing information includes data from a phase 4 post-approval study showing a favorable benefit-to-risk ratio in the treatment of solar lentigines in African-American, Asian, and Latin or Hispanic patients. These results were consistent with findings previously reported for Caucasians. canadian pharmacy cialis

In the U.S., the solution is used to treat solar lentigines; in Canada, it is also used to treat related hyperpigmented lesions.

Solage is the only FDA-approved combination skin-lightening agent that does not contain hydroquinone.