Lubricant Drops for Dry Eye

Alimera Sciences has announced the arrival of Soothe™ Emollient (lubricant) Eye Drops, the market’s first multidose, emollient-based artificial tear product. The drops offer over-the-counter relief to the 12 million Americans with dry eye, a painful condition in which the body cannot produce enough tears to keep the eye surface lubricated.

Soothe™ features a lipid restorative (Restoryl™) that re-establishes the eye’s protective oily layer to reduce tear evaporation and to seal in essential moisture, giving patients up to eight hours of comfort.
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Approximately 15% of the population 65 years and older have dry eye, and it is especially prevalent in women. Certain medications, contact lenses, the environment, and indoor air conditioning or heating can also affect moisture levels in the eye.