Female Sexual Dysfunction: Canadian Pharmacy Review

Female sexual dysfunctionFemale sexual dysfunction is a permanent or temporary condition of inability to achieve an orgasm or maintain the necessary level of sexual excitement for a full sexual intercourse.

Female sexual dysfunction symptoms can be both periodic and permanent, which arise in every sexual act. In both cases, a woman needs the help of qualified specialists to learn how to cure female sexual dysfunction. Canadian Net Mall can offer Pink Female Viagra at a low price.

Impotence in women includes painful sexual intercourse, painful contraction (spasm) of the vaginal muscles and problems with sexual attraction, excitement or orgasm that cause distress syndrome.

  • Depression or anxiety, other psychological factors, disorders and medications can become the causes of female sexual dysfunction;
  • To identify the problem, the doctor often talks to both partners individually and together. In many cases, when a woman experiences pain or problems with orgasm, a pelvic examination is necessary;
  • Improving relationship, open communication and organizing the most favorable circumstances for sexual activity can often improve the situation regardless of the causes of female sexual dysfunction;
  • Cognitive-behavioral, concentration, psychotherapy can also help to cure female sexual dysfunction.

Approximately 30% – 50% of women experience sexual problems at some point during their lifetime. If the problems are serious, they can lead to a distress syndrome and provoke female sexual dysfunction. Female sexual dysfunction diagnosis is made in terms of specific problems such as lack of interest or desire, difficulties with achieving excitement or orgasm, feeling pain during sexual activity, involuntary muscle tension around the vagina or persistent and undesirable physical (genital) arousal. However, almost all women have symptoms of several types of female sexual dysfunction. For example, women can experience difficulties with achieving excitement and orgasm and consider sex painful. Such women often lose interest in sex for obvious reasons.

Normal sexual function in women

Sexual function and reactions include the mind (thoughts and emotions) and the body (including the nervous, circulatory and endocrine systems). Sexual reaction includes the following items:

  • Motivation and a desire to be engaged in sexual activity. There are many reasons causing the desire for sexual activity, including sexual attraction. Attraction can be caused by thoughts, words, kinds, smells or touches. Attraction can occur when a woman is in a state of arousal;
  • Excitation has a subjective component – sexual arousal, which a person feels and thinks about. It also has a physical component – an increase in blood flow to the genital area. Increased blood flow also leads to an increase in vaginal secretion (which ensures the appearance of lubricant). The blood flow can also increase when a woman does not know about this and is not in a state of arousal;
  • Orgasm is the peak or culmination of sexual arousal. Just before an orgasm, the muscle tension in the whole body increases. When the orgasm begins, the muscles around the vagina rhythmically contract. Women can experience several orgasms.

Sexual relaxation usually comes after orgasm. Nevertheless, sexual relaxation can be achieved slowly after a very exciting sexual activity even without orgasm. Some women can respond to additional stimulation immediately after sexual relaxation.

Women are more likely to have emotional motivations of sexual intercourse, such as:

  • Experience and improve emotional intimacy;
  • Strengthen the sense of well-being;
  • Confirm attractiveness to the opposite sex;
  • Satisfy the sexual partner.

After a long relationship, women often have little or no desire for sexual activity (initial desire), but desire can develop as soon as sexual activity and stimulation begin. A woman’s desire for sexual activity decreases with age, but increases when a woman has a new sexual partner. Some women may feel sexually satisfied, regardless of whether they have an orgasm or not. Other women experience much greater sexual satisfaction with orgasm.

Female impotence causes

female impotence causes

There are many factors that cause or contribute to different female sexual dysfunction types. Traditionally, it is considered that the reasons can be physical or psychological. Psychological factors can cause physical changes in the brain, nerves, hormones and genitals. Physical changes can have a psychological effect, which, in turn, has more physical consequences. Some factors are related to the situation rather than to the woman.

Psychological reasons for female sexual dysfunction

Depression and anxiety usually exacerbate the situation.

Previous negative experience can affect the psychological and sexual development of a woman, causing problem in the following cases:

  • Cruel sexual or other experiences can lead to low self-esteem, cause a sense of shame or guilt;
  • Emotional, physical or sexual violence in childhood or adolescence can make children control and hide emotions – a useful protective mechanism. However, women who control and conceal emotions may develop female sexual dysfunction symptoms;
  • If women lose their parents or other loved ones in childhood, they may face difficulties in getting closer to their sexual partner, because they fear to face a similar loss, sometimes without realizing it.

Various sexual concerns can cause female sexual dysfunction. For example, women may be concerned about the unwanted consequences of sex or the partner’s sexual capabilities.

Situational reasons for female sexual dysfunction

Factors related to the situation may include the following:

  1. The woman’s own position: For example, women may have low sexual self-esteem if they have fertility problems or have had surgery to remove the breast, uterus or other part of the body related to sex;
  2. Relationship: Women may not trust their sexual partner or have negative feelings for him. A partner may seem less attractive to them than at an earlier stage of the relationship;
  3. Situation: The situation can be not erotic, not safe enough for a relaxed sexual expression;
  4. Culture: Women of some cultures can limit sexual expression or activity. The cultural environment sometimes makes women feel ashamed or guilty for sexuality. Women and their partners can be from cultures that differently consider certain sexual practices;
  5. Distracting factors: Family, work, financial and other issues can occupy a woman and prevent her sexual arousal.

Physical reasons for female sexual dysfunction

Various physical conditions and medications can lead to impotence in women or contribute to its development. Age-related hormonal changes can also interfere. For example, vaginal tissues can become thin, dry and inelastic after the menopause, as the level of estrogen decreases. This condition, called atrophic vaginitis, can make sexual intercourse painful. Removing both ovaries can also have this effect.

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors – a type of antidepressant – often cause sexual problems in women.

Female Viagra (Sildenafil) from Canadian Net Mall (for oral administration) is sometimes used to control symptoms associated with menopause and can improve sexual function in women. These female sexual arousal pills help 80% of women.

Hormonal therapy can also be useful. Vaginal estrogen can be administered in the form of a cream (plastic applicator), in the form of tablets or in the form of a ring (similar to the diaphragm).

Female sexual dysfunction diagnosis

Diagnosis often includes detailed examination of both sexual partners, both together and separately. Doctors ask about symptoms, other diseases, medications used, relationship between partners, mood, self-esteem, childhood relationship, past sexual experiences and personal qualities.

If a woman experiences pain, the doctor performs an examination of the pelvic organs. The doctor tries to conduct this examination as carefully as possible. He moves slowly and often explains in detail the examination procedures. A woman can be given a mirror so that she can see her sex organs and control the situation. To make a female sexual dysfunction diagnosis, a doctor, as a rule, does not need to use a tool, such as a mirror.

Female sexual dysfunction treatment options

no female impotence

Some treatments depend on the female impotence causes. However, some general measures can help, regardless of the reason:

  • Find the time for sexual activity: Women who are performing many tasks can be busy or distracted by other activities (including work, housework, children and community affairs). The important fact is not to forget about sexual activity and realize its importance;
  • Practice of concentration: Focusing involves training the concentration of attention on what is happening at the moment, without assessing and monitoring what is happening. Concentration helps a woman get rid of distractions and pay attention to feelings during sexual activity. Resources for learning concentration are available on the Internet;
  • Improving communication between a woman and her partner, including talking about sex;
  • Choosing the right time and place for sexual activity: for example, late at night, when a woman is ready to sleep is not the most suitable time. The place should be secluded if the woman is afraid that someone can enter or interfere. It is necessary to have enough time and create an erotic environment;
  • Trying various types of sexual activity: For example, preliminary caresses (kissing erogenous zones and touching the genitals) improve intimate relationships and reduce anxiety;
  • Spending more time together (which is not related to sexual activity): Couples who regularly talk to each other want to have sex and enjoy it;
  • Taking measures to prevent undesirable consequences: Such measures are especially useful when fear of pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections suppresses sexual desire. Read more tips how to boost your sexual life.

Proper knowledge of a healthy sexual response can be enough to help a woman change her behavior and attitude towards sex. However, often more serious treatment is required, as many women have several types of female sexual dysfunction (eg., using Female Viagra (Sildenafil) from Canadian Net Mall or female sexual arousal pills). You may buy the best female arousal products online at Canadian Pharmacy on beneficial terms.

Psychological treatment methods help many women. For example, cognitive-behavioral therapy can help women recognize a negative self-image that has emerged as a result of illness or infertility. Cognitive therapy based on concentration combines cognitive-behavioral therapy with concentration practice. As with cognitive behavioral therapy, women should identify negative thoughts. Then the woman should simply analyze these thoughts and recognize that these are just thoughts that may not correspond to reality. This approach can make such thoughts less distracting and destructive. When the sexual function is disturbed by problems experienced in childhood, deeper psychotherapy may be required to treat female sexual dysfunction.