Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetics: is it Possible to Avoid?

With proper approach and medication, this trouble can be avoided or at least it is possible to reduce risk of impotence.

Erectile Dysfunction at Diabetes: Causes

In men with diabetes impotence occurs quite often. And it appears even in young people. In 25% of diabetics, this disease is diagnosed at the age of 30 – 40 years, in 55% of cases – in 50 – 60 years old men and at age of 65 – 70 years – 75% of diabetics are doomed to impotence.

What causes decline in sexual function in men with diabetes? Canadian Pharmacy doctors distinguish the following causes of erectile dysfunction:

  1. hormonal disorders. It’s no secret that diabetes affects functioning of all organs and systems of human body. Diabetes is an endocrine disease, its primary cause is disruption of production of many hormones in the body, including sexual (testosterone). But on its amount depends duration of sexual act, time and strength of erection. This leads to periodic, and subsequently permanent problems in intimate life;diabetes and imptence
  2. change in the amount of sugar in blood. Male health is affected by both decrease and an increase in level of glucose. Such changes throughout the day occur several times even in a healthy person. In diabetic these changes are much sharper, so they need to be carefully monitored. Canadian Pharmacy experts warn that low sugar prevents active work of those centers of brain and spinal cord, which are responsible for erection and ejaculation. Therefore, diabetics suffer from complete absence of ejaculation, or, conversely, from prolonged ejaculation. With insufficient nutrition of brain, later sexual attraction can disappear. But nevertheless, the main enemy of male power is increase in glucose level, molecules of which slow reaction of nerve endings that lead to genitals. In men who have diabetes, as a rule, sensitivity of scrotum, balanus and entire perineum is reduced;
  3. vascular injury. Diabetes distracts blood vessels throughout the body. The first, as a rule, to suffer are small capillaries, including vessels of genital organ. Because of this, circulatory disorders in this area are not uncommon. When excited, penis is not filled with enough blood, which leads to weak erection and inferior sexual intercourse.

How to Avoid Erectile Dysfunction at Diabetes

Fortunately, you can reduce risk of impotence at diabetics. With the help of various procedures, medications and lifestyle adjustments, specialists will help you to deal with this problem. Doctor’s consultation and timely treatment will help you to improve intimate life, reduce negative impact of diabetes on your masculine strength. Most importantly, you need to constantly monitor blood sugar levels and timely take medications that regulate amount of glucose.

As diabetes progresses rapidly, doctors often prescribe insulin therapy, which helps to maintain constant level of blood sugar and avoid its sharp changes.

In addition, Canadian Pharmacy recommends to create balanced and healthy diet in order to avoid complications that are often observed in patients with severe compensation of the disease.

People with diabetes, can use a program that helps to restore erectile function and avoid problems in the sexual sphere. Here are a few recommendations from Canadian Net Mall experts:

  • give up bad habits, do not drink alcohol, do not smoke;
  • at least several times a week do exercises, try to walk more, to lead active lifestyle;
  • adhere to diet, which will be offered by doctor to maintain constant level of glucose in blood;
  • monitor «harmful» cholesterol, it will help to avoid problems with blood vessels;
  • monitor your weight;
  • measure blood pressure on daily basis.

Implementation of these recommendations will normalize erectile function and improve quality of your life, including its sexual aspect.

Diagnostics of Men at Diabetes

Diagnosis of impotence at diabetes involves a number of procedures:

  • hormonal studies to determine level of prolactin, extradiol, LH, FSH, thyroid stimulating hormone and testosterone;
  • evaluation of lipid spectrum;
  • physical examination conducted in order to determine vibrational and tactile sensitivity of penis, scrotum, perineum.

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Treatment of impotence in patients with diabetes is carried out using the latest achievements of medicine. Specialists apply different approaches and methods for correcting erectile function in men:

  • drug therapy;
  • LNP-therapy, which is a massage with the help of special vacuum erectors;
  • experienced psychotherapist conducts psychotherapy sessions, which are one of important moments in treatment of impotence;
  • if necessary, surgical intervention is performed: surgery on vessels, prosthetics of genital organ.