Doxycycline and Urethral Syndrome

Researchers from the University of Berne in Switzerland say that doxycycline (Vibramycin drug, Pfizer) may offer hope to women with interstitial cystitis, a complex of symptoms that include chronic pain with urinary urgency and frequency. Many of the women had symptoms for years and repeatedly tried antibiotics that provided only temporary relief.

Cystoscopy often reveals hyperemia, increased vascularization of the urethra, pseudopapillary papillomas at the blad­der neck and trigonal leukoplakia (a whitish opaque membrane extending from the bladder neck along the trigone). The researchers theorized that women with urinary symptoms of unknown origin and trigonal leukoplakia, as assessed by endoscopy, but who did not have conventional urinary tract infections might benefit from doxycycline canadian and a vaginal bactericide or an antimycotic agent.