Cisplatin with Radiotherapy Helps Preserve Bladder

In patients undergoing radiotherapy for localized bladder cancer, concurrent intra-arterial administration of cisplatin helped achieve high bladder preservation rates, according to a new study.

Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital in Ontario, Canada, reported on 200 patients with bladder cancer. These patients were treated with three courses of intra-arterial cisplatin integrated with pelvic radiotherapy. Cystectomy was performed as a salvage procedure. canadian pharmacy viagra

Among the 185 evaluable patients, 75% retained a bladder free of tumors. Of these 185 patients, 93 were alive without cancer, 35 had died without cancer, 52 had died as a result of cancer, and five were alive with cancer. For patients who required salvage cystectomy, survival rates were identical to those for whom treatment did not fail in the bladder.