Better Adherence To Glaucoma Therapy Needed


Adherence to glaucoma medications could be improved, say researchers who surveyed patients at a Baltimore Veterans Affairs hospital. Of the 141 patients, 20% said they had missed or skipped doses in the previous week. Two-thirds of the patients said that they had at least one problem using their medication, and 17 patients said they had four or more problems, including eyedrops falling on the cheek, eyedrops leaking from the eyes, and hard-to-read print on the instructions, and difficulty paying for refills.

African-American patients were much more likely than Caucasian patients to be noncompliant with their glaucoma therapy. That finding is significant because the rates of glaucoma and blindness from glaucoma are higher in the AfricanAmerican population, and the disease is often more advanced in these patients at the time of diagnosis.

Source: Am J Geriatr Pharmacother 2009;7:67-73