Anticoagulant Reverses Side Effects

Scientists have successfully tested an experimental blood thinner aptamer that provides potent anticoagulation and acts as an antidote to quickly reverse the side effects, especially bleeding.

The anticoagulant-antidote pair may have potential for patients with acute coronary syndrome and for those needing coronary revascularization. The anticoagulant aptamer Ch-9.3t specifically targets human coagulation factor IXa, which affects the initiation and propagation phases of coagulation. canadian antibiotics

Bolus injections of the 5-2C oligo-nucleotide antidote into anticoagulated animals rapidly reversed more than 95% of the anticoagulant effects of the apta-mer and restored hemostasis. It also prevented hemorrhage in the clipped tails of mice when given with Ch-9.3t.

The team’s findings were built on work published in 2002, in which they described a strategy for discovering antidote-controlled drugs and a first-version anticoagulant-antidote pair.