Amlodipine/Olmesartan (Azor) For Hypertension

AmlodipineThe FDA has approved a once-daily tablet combining amlodipine drags (Norvasc), a calcium-channel blocker, and olmesartan medoxomil (Benicar), an angiotensin-receptor blocker, for the treatment of hypertension. In clinical trials, Azor produced significant mean reductions in systolic and diastolic blood pressure. When compared with (buy) amlodipine 10 mg alone, Azor 10/40 mg resulted in a 53% greater reduction in systolic blood pressure.

Azor is indicated for the treatment of hypertension alone or with other antihypertensive agents. It is not indicated as initial therapy for hypertension.

(Source: Daiichi Sankyo, September 27, 2007