Anti-Spam Policy

Anti-spam PolicyCanadian Pharmacy adheres to rigid anti-spam policy. Our philosophy doesn’t stand any unauthorized advertising messages. We actively punish any user trying to perform spamming activities! This rule concerns e-mail, icq, instant messengers, chats, newsgroups or any other service which forbids any commercial postings and messages. In case we notice any suspicious spamming activity we take appropriate measures against such users which include loss of services and closure of their accounts.

We fully take responsibility for handling spammers. Canadian Pharmacy collects and maintains data about spam-offenders which we transfer to organizations and agencies dealing and preventing spamming.

Spam Reports

If you got unauthorized advertising message which you think was spread either by one of Canadian Pharmacy services users or as a consequence of working with our services, please inform us by e-mail: We will immediately take measures and investigate the problem so that you could unsubscribe from spam mailing.